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 Ceilidh Friends - Recordings

NEW: Northern Remembrance ~ Yellowknife Evening ~ Spirit of Giving ~ Other musical contributions


Ceilidh Friends’ recordings have received airplay on three continents and have received enthusiastic reviews from ”Victory Review,” “Sing Out!” and “Dirty Linen” magazines, the Canadian Folk Music Bulletin, Northern Journey, and the  “Rambles” website, among others.  The group also appears as guests on several other recordings and is due to release their third album in 2014. 


~ Listen to their music at http://music.cbc.ca/#/artists/Ceilidh-Friends ~

Yellowknife Evening” (1994)

Partly funded by the NWT Arts Council, their first album highlights the variety of music the group plays.  It received favourable reviews and is played across North America and even as far away from Yellowknife as New Zealand.



“The Spirit of Giving” (1995) 

Primarily featuring Yuletide music of a traditional nature, their second album also includes an original composition by Steve Goff - "Winter Jazz", as well as the title track, "Spirit of Giving"; a true tale composed by Dawn Lacey's brother, Norm Walker.  Listen to the tracks listed on the right to have an idea of what the album sounds like: 'Boar's Head Carol', featuring Steve Goff with chorus; 'Wassail Round', featuring the whole group; and 'Malpas Wassail', featuring Moira Cameron and special guest, Marilyn Morrison.



“Northern Remembrance” (2014)

Ceilidh Friends started singing during anti-war demos in the early 1990s.  They made this recording of war and anti-war songs after years of singing the material.  The CD features several classic anti-war songs, like Christmas in the Trenches by John McCutcheon and No Man's Land by Eric Bogle, as well as traditional ballads and songs from the front lines of the two World Wars.  The album's title track was written by Moira Cameron, and is also available as a video on YouTube.

To order, email Ceilidh Friends and ask for album and shipping prices, OR make a purchase from the CELTARCTIC ONLINE STORE right now using Paypal.  (Note:  Celtarctic Store contains recordings listed for Moira Cameron, Steve Lacey, and Dawn Lacey.  Visit their pages to find out more.)


Ceilidh Friends Musical Contributions ~ the group has also helped out on other recordings:






2007 Sands of the Shore

Moira Cameron

vocal harmonies

2006 The Best of Folk on the Rocks Vol. One (compilation CD produced by Folk on the Rocks Music Festival) various One Track: Gospel Medley - Simple Gifts / Amazing Grace / I'll Fly Away
2006 Welcome to Yellowknife: A Compilation of Yellowknife Artists - Volume One (produced by GODSON) various One Track: "Friendship Round"


A Season's Circle

Dawn Lacey

One track: "Homeless Wassail"

Vocal harmonies on other tracks

"Yellowknife Evening" music video

1999 The Last Campfire Ron Kent vocal harmonies
1997 Lilies Among the Bushes

Moira Cameron

vocal harmonies


Ten Songs of Christmas (fundraiser for Abe Miller Centre in Yellowknife)


One track: "Holly & the Ivy"


One Evening as I Rambled

Moira Cameron

vocal harmonies







¯Catch Round the Table

¯Calling on Song / Red Haired Boy / Battle of Aughrim / Great Orange Whale



¯Boar's Head Carol

¯Wassail Round

¯Malpas Wassail





¯Tipperary Medley

¯Great Mandala

¸ Northern Remembrance



Ceilidh Friends Pages:

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To contact Ceilidh Friends, email ceilidh_friends@hotmail.com or write to

Ceilidh Friends, 4505 Schooldraw Avenue, Yellowknife, NT, X1A 2K3, Canada