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 Ceilidh Friends Career Highlights

Find out what's been happening with the group and with each of its members.  Click on the Career Highlights links below.


Current Events - What the group is up to this year

Most memorable gigs and events: 2009 Steve Goff Remembered EXPO2005 in Japan, 2001 Folk Alliance Vancouver, 1999 Tom Jackson Concert, 1997 Folk Alliance Toronto, 1994 Royal Visit 1993 Morningside Radio

Festivals & ConcertsFestivals, Venues, Special Events, Fundraisers, Politics & Protests, Other performances

Archives - All of the group's performances and events organized by year



  • 2015 March:  Alberta - Saskatchewan TOUR:  Celebrating the release of our new CD, Northern Remembrance, Ceilidh Friends is performing a series of concerts in people's homes, at clubs and other venues in Alberta and Saskatchewan between March 14 and 28.  Concert details below:
    • Barrhead, Alberta, March 18:  We will be performing an afternoon and evening concert.  For more information on where and when, see our Facebook page
    • Wainwright, Alberta, March 20:  Storyteller, Pearl-Ann Gooding is organizing a concert for us at the Wainwright High School.  Doors open at 6:30 p.m.  Email to reserve your ticket - seating is limited:  goodtell@telusplanet.net
    •  Edmonton, Alberta, March 21:  A house concert is being hosted for us by Doug and Marie.  $20 per ticket.  Doors open at 7 p.m.  Seating is limited, so email dougmeggison@shaw.ca
    • Regina, Saskatchewan, March 26:  We will be appearing at The Club, 2431 Eighth Avenue.  Tickets available at www.grassrootsregina.com
    • Regina, Saskatchewan, March 27: A house concert is being hosted by Maria.  Details to be announced.
    • Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, March 28:  A house concert is being hosted by Peggy.  Tickets $10, and doors open at 7 p.m.  Email Ceilidh Friends for details on address and ticket booking.



  • Atlin Music Festival, Atlin, BC - 2006

  • Cabin Fever Music Festival, Yellowknife - 2011, 2003

  • Caribou Carnival, Yellowknife - 2000

  • Festival of the Midnight Sun, Yellowknife - 2008, 2007, 2005, 1998, 1997, 1994, 1993, 1992

  • Folk on the Rocks, Yellowknife - 1997, 1995, 1993

  • Great Northern Arts and Music Festival, Inuvik - 1994, 1993

  • Midway Lake Music Festival, Ft. McPherson - 1993

  • Old Town Ramble 'N Ride, Yellowknife

  • Raven Mad Daze, Yellowknife - 1996

  • South Slave Friendship Festival, Ft. Smith - 2008, 2005, 2004


Special Events


Politics & Protests

Other (private functions, corporate gigs, conferences, tour companies)

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  • Northern Remembrance CD Launch, November -  At long last, our third CD, Northern Remembrance, is completed.  We held two launches in celebration of the momentous event.  See PDF poster here.  We are very happy with the CD, both with the sound and the CD art. Ceilidh Friends received its second grant from the NWT Arts Council to produce this new album.  The group was brought together by singing songs in protest of the first Gulf War.  They've been singing their extensive war material every Remembrance Day since then, and felt it was about time to record these old favourites. 
  • Roots Music Concert, October -  We performed with Edmonton Singer / songwriter John Spearn at a fundraiser concert at the museum, raising money for the Yellowknife Food Bank. 
  • Celebrating Paddy Tutty House Concert, May - Ceilidh Friends performed a house concert honouring Saskatchewan ballad singer and musician, Paddy Tutty.


  • Ekati Mine, BHP Billiton, December - Ceilidh Friends was hired to come out to one of Canada's diamond mines to perform two concert sets for the resident miners.

  • Arlene Hache election campaign, September 2011 - Dawn and Moira were asked to perform at a coffee house event hosted by the campaign to elect Arlene Hache.  They sang a variety of political songs and lead the audience in a few fun chorus songs.

  • Abilities Cup, July 10 - At the docks near Giant Mine, Ceilidh Friends was one of the groups providing entertainment for this awareness event.

  • Hard of Hearing Conference, June 17 - Ceilidh Friends and Pat Braden performed concert sets outside on the docks at Back Bay for the delegates of the Hard of Hearing conference.

  • Cabin Fever, March - Ceilidh Friends performed a short set in the variety show at Northern United Place.


  • Caroling at the Coop, December 5 & 19 - Ceilidh Friends sang Yuletide songs for Coop shoppers.

  • NACC Northern Performers Concert Series, January 27 - Ceilidh Friends performed a concert for the Northern Performers Series.  It was the group's first major performance since the loss of one of its members, Steve Goff, in August, 2009.  The group performed 60 minutes worth of material including a few solo numbers from each member of the trio.  The concert was recorded by Peter Skinner from CBC North radio and portions will be aired at a future date.


  • Ceilidh Friends loses one of its members, August 1One of the quartet, Stephen Goff, died suddenly one month to the day following the group's last performance on Canada Day.  The remaining members, Steve Lacey, Dawn Lacey, and Moira Cameron, are committed to the group continuing as a trio, but will miss Steve Goff terribly.

  • Aurora Arts Society Social, June 22, 2009, Northern United Place - Ceilidh Friends provided soothing background music to this arts event. 

  • Yellowknife Sings, June 22 - Part of the YK 75 celebrations, this event was a marathon of performing artists showcased at the Northern Arts and Cultural Centre, June 22, 2009 from 12 noon to midnight!  Ceilidh Friends performed an A capella set halfway through the schedule.

  • YK 75 Anniversary Celebration, June - City Hall hostied a music and arts celebration of the City's 75th birthday.  Ceilidh Friends performed along with several other local musicians.

  • Canada Day at City Hall:  Ceilidh Friends is one of many groups asked to join in the celebrations on July 1st.

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  • Yuletide Minstrels:  The Northern Arts and Cultural Centre asked Ceilidh Friends to once again provide background Christmassy music for a special musical presentation of the Christmas Carol starring Bill Bourne.  We performed as people exited the show.

  • Festival of the Midnight Sun, November 22, 2008 (Northern United Place); the festival was scheduled much later in the year than usual.  It coincided with the Santa Clause Parade.  Ceilidh Friends was asked to perform, and since the event was so near to Remembrance Day, we decided to focus on anti-war material.  Steve Goff, unfortunately, couldn't participate, so we had to perform our material as a trio.  Still, the set went over well, and we enjoyed ourselves thoroughly.

  • South Slave Friendship Festival, August 14, 15, 16, & 17 in the old community of Fort Smith, NWT.  For this year's special event, the organizers invited as many past festival performers as they possibly could to participate.  For all the Yellowknife musicians, Ceilidh Friends included, a charter bus was arranged to transport us all to the festival.  It was a ten hour bus ride!  Along the way, we saw several herds of buffalo grazing by the side of the rode, as well as the odd sandhill cranes.  Some musicians helped to shorten the rode by jamming in the back of the bus.  The festival had an impressive variety of music, from heavy metal to folk and spanning cultures from African drumming to Armenian music.  Ceilidh Friends decided to go completely a capella for all our sets just so we could supply something different to the ears of the festival audiences.  We played three sets:  a main stage set at Conibear Park, an acoustic set at a seniors home, and ending with a high energy set at the Legion.  We took time out to visit some of the local historical and ecological attractions of the area, like the Salt Flats where the Catholic mission used to mine salt, and the boat launch where the uranium ore used in the making of the atomic bomb that dropped on Hiroshima was portaged past the river rapids.  We had a real treat seeing a pair of Whooping Cranes - an extremely rare sight - feeding in a pond across the flats.  Overall, the weekend was very satisfying, and we were grateful to be invited to the festival again.


  • CBC North Customer Appreciation Day, December 19 - In the morning between 6:45 and 8, Ceilidh Friends performed live on the radio as part of CBC North's open house celebration. 

  • Christmas Caroling in the stores:  Sunday, December 16th, Ceilidh Friends sang Yuletide songs at Roy's Audiotronics (2p.m.) and Squatterz Books (3:30 p.m.).  As per our usual tradition, we wassailed a few select Yellowknife homes on Christmas Eve.

  • NWT Celebrity Auction, November 16 - This annual auction raises money for the Council for the Disabled.  This year, Ceilidh Friends auctioned themselves off.  We were bid on by two well-known local business people - Roy Williams from Roy's Audiotronics and the Eggenbergers, who own several local businesses.  Roy won us in the end, and will use us as minstrels in his store at Christmas time.

  • Women's Society Fundraiser, November 12 - Ceilidh Friends donated a concert to help raise money for low income women and families.

  • Canadian Association for Suicide Prevention Conference, October 5 - We performed a short set during the conference's opening concert event at Sir John Franklin High school.  As usual, we attempted to cater our performance to the event, while still trying to have a fairly light and entertaining set.

  • Amazing Sundays, September 20 - Ceilidh Friends joined in on the jam session at the Museum in celebration of International Music Day.

  • Festival of the Midnight Sun, September 21 - Ceilidh Friends performed a short concert set at the close of this one night event.

  • Sue Glowach Territorial Election Campaign Launch, September 7 - Ceilidh Friends were invited to perform at the launch of Sue Glowach's campaign. We performed a set of our favourite acap material.

  • Yellowknife Storytelling Festival, May - Three members of Ceilidh Friends participated in the annual storytelling festival at the Northern Arts and Cultural Centre:  Dawn Lacey, Moira Cameron and Steve Goff.

  • MySpace - We finally set up a page on MySpace.  We've uploaded a few songs from our CDs. 

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  • ATLIN Music and Arts Festival, July 7-9 - Ceilidh Friends participated in this popular little festival in Atlin, BC.  We flew down (thanks to the generosity of Summit Air, who donated the flight) with fellow Yellowknife musicians The Gumboots, Jay Gilday, and Inuit Throatsingers lead by Goota Ashoona.  The festival location is spectacular, imbedded in the mountains of Northern BC.  We were really impressed with the volunteers, some of them not even local residents.  The venues were held at several locations around town, including St. Martin's church, the Globe Theatre, the Atlin Inn, and a main stage tent in a small park.  Our acapella workshop took place on Sunday morning in the church - the perfect setting.  It ended up being a 2 hour session, which we shared with the lead singer of the group Mamaguroove, Shara Gustaphson.  We asked the Gumboots to come up and help us with the closing numbers.  The audience was eager to participate, singing along to almost every number.  None of us wanted it to end.  It was an inspiring workshop for all of us.  We were all sad to leave on Sunday afternoon.  The weekend went by all too quickly.  This is a festival we definitely would like to return to in the future.

  • Canada Day, July 1 - The City of Yellowknife invited  Ceilidh Friends to perform  a celebratory set in honour of Canada's Birthday.
  • Aurora Tours, June 22 - A local tour company asked Ceilidh Friends to provide musical entertainment during their 2 hour pontoon boat tour of Yellowknife's Back Bay on Great Slave Lake.  The weather was perfect.  In between visiting an eagle's nest, Yellowknife's house boat community, the old Con mine village, and other interesting sights, we sang upbeat songs which complimented the evening.  We had as much fun on the tour as the tourists did. 
  • Japan Presentation, Januaey - Ceilidh Friends put on a special multi-media show highlighting their recent adventures and experiences at EXPO2005 in Japan.  Using photo slide shows, videos, poetry, prose, and live singing, each of the members of the group and their official photographer and archivist, Caitlin Lacey, told stories of their amazing Japan experience. 

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  • Friendship Festival, August 18-21 - For the second year in a row, the Ceilidh Friends was invited to participate in the South Slave Friendship Festival in Ft. Smith, NT.  The festival is a favourite among musicians in the North.  It is free to the public, and although it performers don't get paid, they have a great time.  We performed several sets in outdoor and indoor settings.  The weather was perfect, although it was very windy for Sunday's barbeque performance.  The entire community gets into the festival spirit.  We met our old friend Louis Beck and jammed with him for a while in one of the local restaurants.  By the time the weekend was over, our ears were buzzing from all the wonderful music!
  • Festival of the Midnight Sun, August - For almost every year since its conception, Ceilidh Friends has performed at the Yellowknife Festival of the Midnight Sun.  Normally held in July, this year's scaled down event took place on only one evening, but we were happy to be asked to participate.  The Festival, organized by John and Pamela Murray, is devoted to promoting the creative talents of musicians as well as other artists.  Using the cozy Northern United Place auditorium, a handful of musicians, carvers, painters, and other creative people gathered to celebrate Art in the North.  Caitlin Lacey and Moira Cameron displayed their BottleArt Creations as well.  After the music was over, WAMP (Western Arctic Moving Pictures) hosted a mini film-fest of locally produced shorts.
  • Expo2005 Japan:  Ceilidh Friends were selected to represent the Northwest Territories at EXPO2005 in Aichi Japan.  For more on this amazing and exciting experience, see the links above.
  • Ides of March Medieval Feast, March - A group of people in Yellowknife who love all things medieval organized a special feast at a local pub.  We were asked to perform old music as part of the minstrel entertainment.

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  • South Slave Friendship Festival, Ft. Smith, August 12-15 - Ceilidh Friends traveled south to the NWT Community of Fort Smith to perform at their annual music festival.  It was the first time we performed in Smith.  We loved the community and the people.  It was fun to jam with the other northern musicians. 

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  • Queen Mother's Birthday celebration, September 7 - Mary Bryant had Ceilidh Friends at the Tea Room to celebrate the Queen Mum's birthday again.  We performed for 2 hours.

  • Baker Centre Concert, June 5th - Ceilidh Friends was invited to entertain visiting and local seniors at the Baker Centre.  The group sang a variety of old-time numbers and favourite chorus songs.

  • City Hall Community BBQ, June 29 - Celebrating the summer, Ceilidh Friends sang song seasonal songs while people lined up for food.

  • Iraq Red Cross benefit, May 10 - Alternatives North sponsored this benefit at the Northern United Place as a fundraiser to help war victims of the Iraq War. Moira Cameron performed a short set and Ceilidh Friends ended off the evening with songs which brought the group together when the first Iraq War started in 1991.

  • Cabin Fever Music Festival, February 23 - Ceilidh Friends performed a concert set in the epic length variety show concert which began at 1 p.m. and ended 6 hours later.

  • Celebration of Love and Friendship, February 16 - Returning to Mary's Tea Room, Ceilidh Friends performed for a few hours singing songs of love and friendship in celebration of Valentines Day.


  • Food Bank Benefit Concert, November 29 - In the lead up to Christmas, this variety show concert helped to raise funds for the Yellowknife Food Bank.  Ceilidh Friends was one of 10 groups and individuals performing.

  • A Story of War, November 17 - Mary's Tea Room hosted this Remembrance Day event.  The group sang a variety of war and anti-war songs.

  • Remembrance Day Ceremony, November 6 - The group was invited by Sir John High School to sing topical songs for students in honour of Remembrance Day.

  • Aboriginal Day, June 21 - Steve Lacey, Dawn and Moira performed as a trio (Steve Goff was away) in celebration of Aboriginal Day at the Wildcat Cafe.

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  • Celebrating Christmas, December - Mary had the group back to sing Yuletide songs at her Tea Room.

  • A Story of War, November 11 - Ceilidh Friends performed two sets of war and anti-war material at Mary's Tea Room.

  • Remembrance Day - Ceilidh Friends performed a selection of songs about the World Wars for some high school classes at Sir John Franklin High School.

  • 911 Flight 867, September 11-13 - On September 11, United Airlines flight 867 was forced to land in Yellowknife.  The passengers were unexpected guests of the City of Yellowknife for a few days. during which several local performers were invited to help them feel welcome by providing entertainment.  Ceilidh Friends were among the performers.

  • Take Back the Night, September 20 - After participating in an Awareness march through Yellowknife's downtown, Ceilidh Friends performed topical songs relating to Women's issues and non-violence.

  • Mary's Tea Room, February 25 - Ceilidh Friends did a Valentine - themed concert at Mary's.

  • Vancouver Folk Alliance Conference, February 15-18 - Once again we registered for the North American Folk Alliance Conference hosted in Vancouver.  We performed concerts in our hotel room, made contacts and displayed our wares in the exhibition hall, jammed with other musicians, and had a great time.  Moira Cameron performed a special ballad swap concert with Margaret MacArthur and Paddy Tutty.  Steve Lacey also did a solo concert.


  • Christmas Carol, December 16 - CBC North presented this show at NACC.  Ceilidh Friends was asked to provide  musical interludes between readings.

  • Canadian Composer Concert, NACC Fundraiser November 19 - Yellowknife singer / songwriters and composers got together to share their material as a fundaiser for the Cultural Centre.  It was impressive how much talent was present

  • A Story of War, November 5 - Ceilidh Friends performed war and anti-war songs in honour of Remembrance Day at Mary's Tea Room.

  • Queen Mother celebration @ Mary's, August 6 - Mary Bryant, host of Mary's Tea Room, wanted to celebrate the Queen Mum's birthday with song, so she asked Steve Goff and Moira Cameron to perform, singing and playing tunes from England

  • Baker Centre Elderhostel event, August - we were invited to provide entertainment at the Baker Centre for a group of travelling elders.  We sang  a mixture of northern and old-timey songs.

  • City of YK BBQ, June 25 - We sang a set of summer songs while people feasted on hotdogs and hamburgers, courtesy of City Hall.

  • Earth Week, May - We donated a performance for this awareness raising event.

  • Caribou Capers, March 29 - Every year, Yellowknife celebrated in the winter with the Caribou Carnival.  Part of that event, which is held outside on the ice of one of our city lakes, was this indoor NACC concert / variety show.  We performed a group set and Steve Lacey also performed a Gordon Lightfoot song.

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  • Celebrity Auction, November - Instead of performing this year we donated our solo & group CDs in a package to be auctioned off.

  • Tom Jackson and Friends, November 10 - It was great to see and perform with Tom Jackson again and in a cause in which we believe.  Hosted by the Salvation Army, this concert at NACC helped raise money for the homeless.

  • Canada Day, City Hall - This year's celebratory concert commenced with the NWT Pipe band.  We played a 30 minute concert halfway through the afternoon.

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  • Caroling at the Legislative Assembly, December 6

  • Coming of the Three, December 3, 4 & 5; a Children's Christmas performance based on a "A conversation about Christmas" by Dylan Thomas - Held at NACC, we provided the musical entertainment.

  • 19th Annual Celebrity Auction, November - A good cause, we continue to support.

  • Run for the Cure, October 4 - A cancer fundraising event - we sang a short set before the run started.

  • Canada Day; Festival of the Midnight Sun - two more events in the park.  After performing at the City Hall Canada Day event, we performed in the festival held July 5-12.

  • Canadian Diabetes Assoc., June 10 - A fundraising and awareness concert & BBQ was held in the park - we performed while people ate.

  • Aurora Awards, June 5 - Ceilidh Friend was nominated for and won an award for Small Group Production in a Variety Show.

  • Baker Centre Easter - We were invited to perform partway through the feast put on at the local Senior's community centre.

  • Arctic Winter Games, March 15-21 - Yellowknife hosted this year's games.  As the host, the city organized several performances and cultural events. 

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  • Lilies Among the Bushes Launch - Moira launched her 2nd album.  Ceilidh Friends helped singing along in a couple of songs during the launch concert.

  • Celebrity Auction, November 22 - Ceilidh Friends offered entertainment during this year's auction.

  • Remembrance Day @ Sir John HS, November - Ceilidh Friends performed a set of war & anti-war songs for the English classes of the highschool.

  • Notes from Yellowknife - Catholic School Board, September 12 - We were part of a variety show concert including the Gumboots, jazz guitarist Ryan Murray and more.

  • Coop Family Days, September - Ceilidh Friends and Steve Smith performed.

  • MLA Protest, August - A couple of Northern MLAs thought it would be a perfectly good idea to ask the GNWT  to supply them with a clothing allowance.  Yellowknifers weren't impressed.  Local activists organized a protest by the post office, and Ceilidh Friends were there as entertainment.

  • Folk On the Rocks July 19/20 - Back again.  We performed mainstage again and a couple of workshop stages.  Moira and Dawn also performed with another folk group, Solstice Sisters.

  • Festival of the Midnight Sun, Art in the Park, July 7-13 - We performed a concert in the park as part of the festival celebrations.

  • Canada Day, July 1 - Once again we performed a combination of French and English songs for Canada Day.

  • Aurora Awards, June 5 - Ceilidh Friend was nominated for and won two awards: Outstanding Group Instrumental Performance and Outstanding Group Musical Performance.

  • Folk Alliance Conference: Toronto, February 13-15 - Every year, the North American Folk Alliance Conference has a conference somewhere on the continent.  Most of the time, it is hosted by a city or town in the USA.  This year, it was held in Toronto.  Ceilidh Friends was the only group / organization from the NWT to register for the conference.  We performed two 'guerrilla showcases', or concerts, in our hotel room, and one official showcase in a conference room in the hotel.  In the Exhibition Hall, we rented a table to show off our group and also the North.  We had a map of North America, with Toronto circled and a huge arrow pointing all the way to Yellowknife.  Pete Seeger stopped at our table to admire it and chat with Steve Lacey and Moira.  Our CDs were picked up by folk radio DJs to be played on stations all over the US and Canada.

  • Ceilidh Friends NACC Concert, January 31/February 1 - For our second concert at NACC, we invited the Youth Choir to open for us - returning the favour, since they gave us our first NACC performance.  We also asked the Splinter Group Clarinet trio to perform.  We began our concert in a unique manner, which highlighted our group's strengths - our individual talent and flexibility.  I began a piece solo; then Steve Lacey & I sang a duet; then Steve Goff led a piece in which Steve Lacey and I supplied back up recorders.  Finally, Dawn came on stage leading us in a full group number.

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  • Legislative Assembly Christmas, December 22 - It's that time again.  This time we shared the hall concert with the Gumboots, Dan Lee and the Yellowknife Chorale Society.

  • Benefit for Kate Tompkins, December - a good friend of ours - a singer and actor who was highly involved with Ptarmigan Ptheatrics - lost everything she owned in a tragic arson fire of her home.  We organized this benefit at Northern United Place to show our support, sympathy and to help raise money and donations.

  • Celebrity Auction, November 23 - Several performers auction them off at this annual fundraiser for the NWT Council for the Disabled.  This year we decided to do the same.  We auctioned off a 30 minute concert, and sang a few songs to show what we had to offer.

  • Ball in the Mall in the Fall, September - a fundraising event for the Abe Miller Centre - the event ran from 8 p.m. when a coffee house type of event started to 1 a.m. following a ball.

  • Coop Family Days, September 8th - The Yellowknife Direct Charge Coop co-sponsored this family event with the Gymnastics Club.  We sang a variety of upbeat songs, including the jingo Rice Krispies Song.

  • Raven Mad Daze, June 21 - The Unicorn Pub invited us to help them celebrate the solstice.  We sang for 2 hours, with a break.  This was a noisy venue, so we were not sure how much people could actually hear us.

  • Canada Day Celebrations, July 1st - Organized by the City of Yellowknife.  Our music greeted people arriving at the park as soon as the parade ended.

  • Lawyer's Convention, February - We were hired to perform out at Prelude Lake for this private event.  We were supposed to be background music, so we prepared a large list of tunes and songs, including one which mentions lawyers - Dick Turpin and the Lawyer.

  • Grade 5 French Immersion Medieval Feast, January 31 - We put together a set of medieval songs and tunes for this specialized gig.

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  • CBC Christmas Ceilidh, December 17 - This year we shared the airtime with Chris Philpotts and Dan Lee

  • Legislative Assembly Christmas concert, December 17 - Singing Yuletide songs in the hall of the Legislative Assembly again.

  • Spirit of Giving album launched at Mary's Tea Room December 3 - Ceilidh Friends released its 2 album, this time on a theme of Yuletide.  We celebrated the achievement by doing a launch concert at Mary's.

  • 10 Songs of Christmas CD launched - Ceilidh Friends, Moira Cameron, and others donated their talents on this CD to raise money for the Abe Miller Centre.

  • Ceilidh Friends NACC Concert, November 17/18 - We decided to follow the lead of the Gumboots and organize a concert for ourselves at the Northern Arts and Cultural Centre.  We asked singer / Songwriter Chris Philpotts to open for us. We chose November as the time for our concert so we could sing some of the songs that brought us together - war and anti-war songs.

  • Arlene Hache campaign coffee house, Oct 1 - in our support for Arlene's Campaign for MLA, we hosted this coffee house event.

  • Float Base Jam, Sept 30 - a ceilidh event including harp playing, a singer songwriter and celtic music.

  • Folk on the Rocks, July 22/23 - We performed mainstage, the childrens stage and a workshop stage.

  • Prince Of Wales Northern Heritage Centre Jamboree, May 28 - The Museum hosted this celebration of NWT performing arts and culture.  We performed alongside the Gumboots, Tracy Riley, and the Tree of Peace Youth drummers.

  • Spring Time in Paris Coffee House, March 4 - We shared the stage with several others, singing songs celebrating the coming of Spring.

  • Brew Pub - Legislative Assembly Delegates, January 28 - Delegated from Legislative Assemblies across the country met in Yellowknife.  The Brew pub hosted a private evening's entertainment for them....

  • Burns Night, January 21 - An annual event, hosted by the NWT Pipe Band.  This was the first one that Ceilidh Friends was invited to perform at.  Normally, we have our own Robbie Burns celebration at the House Ceilidh which falls at the end of January.  Our two events often conflict with each other.  For this one, we used the Hurdy Gurdy to mimic bagpipes and played the tune The Scottish Soldier.

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  • CBC Mackenzie Open House, Dec 27 - Another on-air Ceilidh or sorts, featuring Ceilidh Friends, the Youth Choir, the Yellowknife Chorale Society and more.

  • Legislative Assembly Christmas Concert, Dec. 19 - Using the beautiful circular  hall of the Legislative Assembly as a venue, the Government of the NWT hosted a concert.  Ceilidh Friends sang a collection of traditional Solstice folk songs.

  • Fezziwig's Victorian Christmas Party, December 18 - We were asked to provide Yuletide music for a themed Christmas party.

  • National Airplay on CBC, December - a CBC National radio show hosted by Max Ferguson started giving our CD regular airplay.

  • Mary's Tea Room, Dec 4 - We sang for the afternoon, following a Christmas theme.

  • Yellowknife City Market Christmas, November - The Market reopened for one more sale before Christmas, and invited all it's past performers to entertain shoppers.

  • NACC 10th Anniversary, September 23/24 - Ceilidh Friends joined the Gumboots, the Youth Choir and others in a celebratory concert.  We sang 4 songs, 3 from our new CD, and the 4th an a capella rendition of Love Potion #9.

  • Royal Visit, August - Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II and her husband, the Duke of Edinburgh, visited Yellowknife for 2 days.  In celebration, the City hosted several music, arts and cultural events throughout the city.  We performed in a few different events.

  • Yellowknife City Market, August - A combination craft sale and music fest, Ceilidh Friends performed at several of these events throughout the summer.

  • Festival of the Midnight Sun, July - Back again to participate in this favourite summer festival.

  • Yellowknife Evening CD launch - We did it!  We celebrated the release of our first CD with a special launch concert.

  • Great Northern Arts Festival July - We headed back North again to Inuvik to participate in the Arts and Music festival once again. 

  • NWT Arts Council Grant - Ceilidh Friends received an NWT Arts Council Grant to record its debut album Yellowknife Evening.

  • Spirit of the Day,  March - an event honouring International Day for Interracial Harmony, hosted by the Inuvik Regional Multicultural Society.  We performed a concert set and hosted a coffee house.

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  • CBC North Christmas Ceilidh December - Our own conception, this show was hosted by the group and mimicked the monthly House Ceilidh gatherings at which we first met.  We invited other musicians, and took turns on air performing our material.

  • Mary and Friends Tea Room December - The first of many events we performed at Mary's.

  • NACC Fundraiser concert September 24 - we joined other local groups and special guests Oscar Lopez and James Keelaghan for this fundraising concert for the Northern Arts and Cultural Centre.  The concert was a huge success, raising more than $4000.

  • Brew Pub coffee house event Aug - Where our locally brewed ale is sold.  This was a variety show event.

  • Great Northern Arts Festival, Inuvik July 29-30:  A wonderful event, full of culture and fun.  We thoroughly enjoyed this chance to see Inuvik and jam with musicians from around the NWT.

  • Folk on the Rocks July - Our first appearance at this popular Yellowknife festival.  We performed a mainstage concert as well as workshop stages.

  • Festival of the Midnight Sun July - this year there was a week long schedule of activities, ranging from artist demonstrations, teaching sessions, dance, film, and music.

  • Midway Lake Music Festival, Ft. McPherson July - It was rainy and incredible buggy for this festival, but we wouldn't have missed it for the world.

  • Reclaim Our Future rally & coffeehouse May 14 - Sponsored by the Northern Working Group on Reclaiming Our Future, a non-partisan coalition of women's groups, churches, Aboriginal and labour groups.  This was a protest against the Free Trade agreement and resulting loss of jobs.

  • CBC Morningside with Peter Gzowski April 19 - Our first appearance on National Radio.

  • Gumboots Spring Concert @ NACC:  April 16/17 - This was our first shared performance with this renown local band.

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  • Youth Choir Christmas Concert @ NACC:  Dec 16/17
  • Festival of the Midnight Sun: June 21
  • Youth Choir Spring Concert @ NACC:  May 20/21 - Ceilidh Friends was asked to open for the Yellowknife Youth Choir performance at the Northern Arts and Cultural Centre.  This was our first performance on the NACC stage.
  • One Evening as I Rambled CD Launch, March - Ceilidh Friends was invited to sing back up harmonies in a CD Launch concert celebrating the release of Moira Cameron's CD.


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