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 Ceilidh Friends - Who they are:

The individual members of the group bring with them a variety of influences and talents, giving Ceilidh Friends a wide-ranging repertoire and the ability to move in many musical directions, as well as creating a unique, always unpredictable sound.


Photo taken by Lucy Pelletier Moira Cameron’s musical background is strongly rooted in traditional ballads of the British Isles. She has been singing and performing since she could talk. She has three solo albums to her name and is making plans for a couple more. 2012 Photo taken by Richard McIntosh Photo taken by Lucy Pelletier Steve Goff, who died in 2009, appears on several albums.  He performed blues, jazz, ragtime, and even classical music with guitar,  banjo and mandolin.  Although no longer with us, his contribution to the group is still felt. 2005 photo taken by Caitlin Lacey
Photo taken by Lucy Pelletier Dawn Lacey, a prairie poet who brings folk, country and gospel influences to the group.  Her solo repertoire is impressive and caters to young and old.  She released the North's first solo musical and visual DVD. Photo taken by Caitlin Lacey Photo taken by Lucy Pelletier Steve Lacey names a wide variety of influences from Händel to Stan Rogers.  He has released a solo album, which features some of his own compositions.  He is also a member of the famous Yellowknife group, the Gumboots.

A Short Biography...

Ceilidh Friends met at a "House Ceilidh" or song circle in Canada's northern capital of Yellowknife in early 1990. Finding they had a lot in common, both musically and politically, the foursome began practicing regularly.  Their first performances were at anti-Gulf war protests in 1991.  Since then, the group has played at many Northern venues including the Northern Arts and Cultural Centre, Folk on the Rocks Music Festival, and CBC North Radio in Yellowknife; Great Northern Music Festival and other events in Inuvik; Midway Lake Music Festival, and Fort Smith Friendship Festival.

Ceilidh Friends received the first of two NWT Arts Council grants in 1993 to record their first album, "Yellowknife Evening".  In 1995, they released their second album of Yuletide songs.  Their second NWT Arts Council grant was awarded in 2004 for their latest project - an album of war and anti-war songs (still in production).  Other career highlights include an appearance on Peter Gzowski’s national CBC Radio program, “Morningside;” performances during Queen Elizabeth’s visit to Yellowknife; three NWT Aurora Awards for performing excellence; and showcases at the North American Folk Alliance conferences in Toronto and Vancouver.  In the summer of 2005 Ceilidh Friends was very excited and honoured to be one of only two Northern acts chosen to perform as part of the cultural program at the Canadian pavilion at EXPO 2005 in Aichi, Japan.

Since losing one of their members, Steve Goff, the group has had to reformat and rearrange its material.  They continue to perform at a variety of local events in the North.

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To contact Ceilidh Friends, email ceilidh_friends@hotmail.com or write to

Ceilidh Friends, 4505 Schooldraw Avenue, Yellowknife, NT, X1A 2K3, Canada