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Upcoming House Concerts ~ Past Performances


Occasionally, Yellowknife can play host to traveling folk musicians.  When a musician 'passes' through our community, we like to try hosting a House Concert.  House Concerts  are real concerts held in private homes.  This results in a very intimate, wonderful experience for both the performer and the audience.  Audiences are naturally small, due to limited space, and generally the performance is acoustic.





There are no upcoming concerts planned at this time.



Past Concert Performers


~ Moira Cameron 2012, 1999, 1998 ~ Ceilidh Friends 2014 ~ Digawolf 2009 ~ Rick Fines 2009 ~ Aengus Finnan 2000 ~

~ Fawn Fritzen & Grant Simpson 2014 ~ Patricia Moore 2003 ~ Ken Ramsden 1999 ~


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2014:  June - Fawn Fritzen & Grant Simpson

Hailing from Whitehorse, Yukon Territory, Fawn and Grant stopped in Yellowknife en route to a festival in Iqaluit to perform one evening of easy listening jazz.  The concert took place out on a patio overlooking Yellowknife Bay and everyone could soak up the midnight sun rays while being treated to the soothing effects of Fawn's vocal dynamics and Grant's playful piano playing.  See their PDF Bio here.


Host: Moira Cameron.  Photos:  taken by Moira Cameron.

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2014:  April - Ceilidh Friends:  Paddy Tutty Celebratory concert

When Ceilidh Friends heard that Saskatchewan ballad singer, Paddy Tutty, was seriously ill, the group wanted to do something to show support.  Paddy has been a musical influence for the group since its conception.  The concert was in part a fundraiser, and in part an opportunity to say thank you for the tremendous mark Paddy has made on the traditional folk community in Canada.  Each member of the group took turns singing songs either learned from or inspired by Paddy, or which are associated with her in some way. 


Host: Moira Cameron.  Photos: taken by Roland Boisvert.

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2012:  March - Moira Cameron

In celebration of International Women’s Day, Moira performed a concert to help raise money for a homeless women's shelter. Moira did two hour long sets of mostly traditional ballads which she learned from all female sources such as Frankie Armstrong, Margaret Chrystl, Paddy Tutty, Peggy Seeger, Hedy West, Maddy Prior, and more.  See her poster here.

Host: Moira Cameron.  Photos: taken by Steve Lacey.

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2009:  Rick Fines and Digawolf

Hosted by Moira Cameron but organized and sponsored by the Northern Arts and Cultural Centre, the North and South came together in this joint concert.  Rick Fines (click HERE to see his website) is a veteran folk and blues singer/songwriter hailing from Peterborough, Ontario.  Digawolf (see CeltArctic Spotlight for info regarding his CDs) is a Dene from the community of Behchoko, not far from Yellowknife.  They took turns sharing their music, sometimes jamming together, for a unique blend of styles.


Host: Moira Cameron.  Photos: taken by Moira Cameron.

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2003: Patricia Moore

Pat Moore hales from Ottawa, Ontario.  She planned a western tour, and made a special effort to include Yellowknife in her travels.  To find out more about her music and albums, visit her website.

Host: Moira Cameron & Steve Goff.  Photos: taken by Moira Cameron

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2000:  Aengus Finnan

Aengus Finnan was born in Ireland but grew up in Ontario.  He writes ballads about Canadian history in a similar vein to  other Canadian greats songwriters like Stan Rogers and Gordon Lightfoot.  For a short time, Aengus called the north his home - he taught in an Inuvik school.  Sharing his love and appreciation of the North, Aengus travelled toYellowknife and performed a concert of ballads and stories. Find out more about Aengus on Wikipedia.

Host: Moira Cameron & Steve Goff.  Photos: taken by Steve Goff.

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1999:  Ken Ramsden

Ken Ramsden has performed in Yellowknife several times, under one guise or another, at the Folk on the Rocks Music Festival.  After one such visit, Ken extended his visit to perform a special concert of ballads and stories of Canadian history, particularly of the history around the Great Lakes region. 

Host: Moira Cameron & Steve Goff.  Photos: taken by Steve Goff.

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1999:  Moira Cameron

Host: Steve and Dawn Lacey.  Photos: taken by Steve Goff.

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1998:  Moira Cameron CD Launch concert

Moira Cameron, upon the release of her second CD, opted to celebrate with a house concert.  She sang 2 long sets, featuring many of the songs from her two CDs.  To see more about her and her CDs, visit her CeltArctic web page.

Host: Steve and Dawn Lacey.  Photos: taken by Steve Goff.


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