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 BottleArt Creations

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| BottleArt by Caitlin | BottleArt by Moira | Joint Creations | Christmas Decorations & Gifts | Other Products |

Folk on the Rocks 2004  Folk on the Rocks 2006 (Photo by Moira Cameron)

Caitlin & Moira selling their wares at Folk On The Rocks Festival in 2004 (Left) and in 2006 (right)

BottleArt Creations is a joint effort of Caitlin Lacey and Moira Cameron.  Discovering their mutual hobby of collecting interesting and unusual bottles, they decided to turn their combined collections into works of art.

Be sure to check their listings of wares as new items are added regularly. 

Using wine or liquor bottles, jars, or other glass food or beverage containers and turning them into a medium for their art, Moira and Caitlin offer a wide selection enhanced bottles.  The bottles can be used simply as decoration, but many have practical uses as well:  candle holders, vases; or containers for dried foods, bath salts, potpourri, buttons, and so on.

Caitlin's uniquely painted lightbulbs make excellent Christmas decorations.With a variety of different paints, Caitlin decorates her bottles with simple yet elegant designs and images.  Especially popular are her pieces with a Northern theme: Inukshuks, Northern Lights, and a variety of flora and fauna.  Caitlin also transforms ordinary used light bulbs into delicately painted Christmas decorations.A sample collection of Moira's crochet bottles.

Moira likes to use either macramé or crochet to enhance her bottles.  The more oddly shaped the bottle, the more Moira enjoys the challenge of creating intricate patterns of string to highlight the bottle's colour and shape.  Moira makes other crochet & macramé collectibles like shawls and afghans, Christmas decorations, jewellery, and her own unique creations: cup cozies and water bottle insulators. 


BIOTo see our downloadable (in PDF format) 1 page bio, click here.

   Moira & Caitlin's wares displayed at 2005 festival. Caitlin (left) & Moira (right) at Christmas Craft sale (2005)




YK 75th Homecoming:  June 20-21, 2009, Solstice Festival

YK 75th Anniversary - celebration at City Hall:  June 24th, 2009

Arts Market:  June 27-28th, 2009

Folk on the Rocks:  July 18-19, 2009



New Product!  Moira has added crochet purses to her inventory.  Come to Folk on the Rocks to see her newest wares in person, or check out the website.  New item photos will be uploaded soon.



Arctic Winter Games Bazaar:  March 13th 2008, Elks Club, Yellowknife 11am-6pm

Caitlin's Photos on Display: For the month of September, 2008, you can see some of Caitlin's photography on display at Andy Wong's campaign office, located at 5105 - 50th Street (above Inspired). 


To see more detailed samples of their wares and for pricelists, click on the links below:

| BottleArt by Caitlin | BottleArt by Moira | Joint Creations | Christmas Decorations & Gifts | Other Products |


If you have any questions about BottleArt Creations, or have trouble viewing this website, please contact

Caitlin:  caitlinbottleart@hotmail.com or Moira:  moirabottleart@hotmail.com

Last updated:  November 08, 2016