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BottleArt Creations


 BottleArt Joint Creations:

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Moira and Caitlin occasionally collaborate on bottles, combining Caitlin's brushstrokes with Moira's crochet or macramé designs and patterns.  Prices listed may vary, depending on the uniqueness of the bottle and the length of time it took to decorate it.

Below are thumbnails of a few samples of their creations.  Some of these items may no longer in stock.  If you have a particularly interesting bottle of your own that you would like them to decorate, please let them know. The prices are in Canadian funds and do not include shipping.


****** NEW ******               ****** NEW ******               ****** NEW ******               ****** NEW ******



Joint CR001 3 views of collaborative piece:  milk jar with different insect designs on each side, offset with gold cotton crochet borders.


Joint MA001 4 views of collaborative piece: unusual rectangular shaped jar with elegant glass stopper.  Rosehips painted on one side, blossoms painted on other; macramé framing pictures with tiny glass beads.





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Instructions for ordering your very own BottleArt Creation:

If you are interested in one of the items listed above, or if an item is out of stock and you would like something similar, specify the ITEM#  and email Caitlin at caitlinbottleart@hotmail.com or Moira at moirabottleart@hotmail.com or fax (867) 920-2464.  You can also inquire about commissioning a design on a bottle of your own. 

We can accept only certified cheques or money orders.  Payment must be received before item is shipped to you.  If your order is placed within Yellowknife, you have the option of picking up instead of shipping.  If you prefer this option, be sure to include it in your email.  Gift wrapping is available.  If you require gift wrapping, please mention this in your email.