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BottleArt Creations


 BottleArt Creations:
Caitlin Lacey

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Caitlin's bottles some in a variety of shapes and sizes.  Prices listed may vary, depending on the uniqueness of the bottle and the length of time it took to decorate it.

Below are thumbnails of a few samples of her creations.  Some of these items are no longer in stock.  However, if you like a particular bottle or a design style, Caitlin will be happy to make and sell something similar.  The prices are in Canadian funds and do not include shipping.


****** NEW ******               ****** NEW ******               ****** NEW ******               ****** NEW ******



CJL30 branches on green  
  CJL29 -

1 & 2

"Prairie Wheat" on brown bottles  
CJL27 Red and Gold Inukshuks on clear glass  


"Silver Tree" on large blue bottle

"Lady Bugs" on large green bottle

CJL23 "Blue Garden" Small blue bottle with lotion-type plastic lid; painted with silver and gold vines. $10
CJL24 "Red flowers" - Medium sized clear glass jar, squared sides with red dangling flowers painted on two sides and on the lid.  Contains homemade gourmet coffee stir sticks - cinnamon sticks dipped in milk chocolate. $10
CJL25 "Blue Snowflakes" - Small vanilla bottle, clear glass painted with blue & silver glitter snowflakes.  Perfect for a small candle holder.  $6

Click on each bottle to view individually




"Ladybug" on medium green bottle.

"Ladybug" on small red spice bottle.

"Bees" on small brown bottle.




CJL20 "Blossoms" CJL20-1



"Blossoms" White blossoms painted on tiny clear bottles with corks



one SOLD


****** In Stock ******          ****** In Stock ******          ****** In Stock ******          ****** In Stock ******










“Tree”  On one side, the tree appears to be dead.  On the other, it has come to life. (pictured)


“Starry Night” Originally an ice wine bottle, sparkling golden stars are painted on the dark glass background, representing the night sky.  Comes with a silver taper candle.






CJL2-1 (left) and CJL2-2 (right)    




Egyptian symbols are painted in copper on clear glass.  Gold lid with copper painting on top.


Egyptian symbols are painted in copper acrylic on a pale yellow sand texture, accented with gold.

$10 each

CJL4-2 (left and right) and CJL4-1 (middle) CJL4-1 (left) and CJL4-3 (right)










Vines and White Flowers Green climbing vines with tiny white buds painted on clear glass.  Originally maple syrup bottles.  Each contains “Relaxation” bath salts.  


“Hanging Flowers”  Red dangling flowers painted on clear glass.  Originally a jam jar (double-sided)


Bell-shaped bottle with cork, clear glass; painted double-sided.


















“Sunflower” Miniature Kahlua bottle, painted with a bright cheerful sunflower.  Painted on two sides and lid.


"Prairie Wheat" Green glass bottle painted with gold and brown prairie wheat.  Bottle was “picked” while walking the prairies of Alberta.

$8 ea








Miniature jam jars painted with different coloured Inukshuks, and filled with “rock chocolates”.

$5-$8 ea


****** SOLD ******              ****** SOLD ******              ****** SOLD ******              ****** SOLD ******



   CJL11 CJL18


"Dragonflies" on small juice bottle.


Large, unusually shaped ~ was originally a scotch bottle.  Green vines cover the top and bright butterflies decorate the front and back.  Clear glass.

CJL16 CJL16 "Lord of the Rings" Silver painted blue wine bottle.  The words "One ring to rule them all" are written in elvish around the neck.



 CJL8-front   CJL8-back










“White Blossoms”  White apple blossoms on branches painted on clear glass.  Black sand texture paint on lid.  Originally caviar jars.



“Christmas Through the Window”  Miniature Crown Royal bottle (front & back shown).  Front view is a snow covered window looking into a Christmas living room scene.  Silver paint.

$7 ea /

$12 for pair








Caitlin also has Christmas and other items available:

Or view the other BottleArt pages below.

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Instructions for ordering your very own BottleArt Creation:

If you are interested in one of the items listed above, or if an item is out of stock and you would like something similar, specify the ITEM#  and email Caitlin at caitlinbottleart@hotmail.com or fax (867) 920-2464.  You can also inquire about commissioning a design on a bottle of your own. 

We can accept only certified cheques or money orders.  Payment must be received before item is shipped to you.  If your order is placed within Yellowknife, you have the option of picking up instead of shipping.  If you prefer this option, be sure to include it in your email.  Gift wrapping is available.  If you require gift wrapping, please mention this in your email.