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 Steve Goff

Musician & Photographer 1949 - 2009


Audio Clip:  from "Penny Gaffs" LP, 1969

Taken in Japan by Caitlin Lacey (2005)

Steve Goff: Bio

Born in London, England, Steve Goff began his musical career as a self-taught rock guitarist.  He immigrated to Canada pursue his PHd at University of Alberta.   He balanced a career as a geologist with his music, eventually settling in Canada's northern capital of Yellowknife, Steve became known as a versatile guitarist, playing a variety of musical styles including folk, classical, blues and jazz.  He and his partner, Moira Cameron, founded the House Ceilidhs in Yellowknife; a place where anyone who loves music and stories can gather and share.  From the Ceilidhs sprang the Yellowknife folk quartet Ceilidh Friends.  With the group, Steve produced three CDs and performed literally around the world.  Music wasn't his only creative outlet.  He loved to write and was an amateur photographer.

Steve died suddenly just a few hours after performing a rousing hour long concert at Yellowknife's Old Town Ramble and Ride festival, August 1st, 2009.  To see a PDF copy of the article the Yellowknifer, a local newspaper, wrote about him, click here.

See Moira Cameron's feature article: Steve's Last Day.

Musical Contributions

Steve was a versatile musician and instrumentalist, and was often asked to participate in the recordings of others.  Here are a few examples:

2012 Music Videos Moira Cameron archive photos used in videos
2009 A Place in Me Sophie Leger mandolin accompaniment
2007 Sands of the Shore

Moira Cameron

vocal harmonies

2007 To A Song Cynthia Russell mandolin accompaniment
2007 Map of the World Sandy Pringle guitar & mandolin accompaniment
2006 Beaches to Barrens Steve Smith vocal harmonies (as part of the 'Stevedores')
2005 My Violin & I Chic Callas tenor banjo accompaniment
2005 A Season's Circle Dawn Lacey vocal harmonies, photography
1999 The Last Campfire Ron Kent instrumental accompaniment, vocal harmonies
1997 Lilies Among the Bushes

Moira Cameron

vocal harmonies

1991 One Evening as I Rambled Moira Cameron guitar accompaniment, vocal harmonies


Steve Goff, the photographer:  Photo Samples


Steve Goff, the musician



Steve's last performance at the Old Town Ramble & Ride in Yellowknife just hours before he died, August 1st, 2009


OBIT:  August 1st, 2009:  The Yellowknife music scene lost one of its most versatile long-time musicians - Steve Goff.  He died suddenly of a heart attack only hours after performing an hour long concert set in Yellowknife's Old Town Ramble 'N Ride festival.  He appeared on many local musicians' cds over the  years, providing instrumental back-up on a variety of stringed instruments including guitar, mandolin, tenor and 5-stringed banjos.  He was one of the founding members of the Yellowknife House Ceilidh Organization which have brought informal song circles to the community each month for 19 years.  He was one of the members of the quartet Ceilidh Friends, a local folk group that has performed all over the NWT and Canada and even as far away as Japan.  For more information on Steve and the impact he made on people's lives around the world, see the Facebook group that has been set up in his memory: http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=113872340818#/group.php?gid=113872340818

Book Launch:  Steve and his wife, Moira, were asked to provide entertainment for the celebration of a book launch of Cathy Jewison.  The launch took place at the Northern Frontier Visitor's Centre, June 25th, 2009 from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m.

Yellowknife Storytelling Festival:  May 29-31st, 2009:  Steve was asked to perform again for this 5th annual storytelling festival.  This year, Steve told a Decameron story.

Gumboots Spring Concert:  Steve was asked to help the Gumboots out for their annual Spring concert at NACC in Yellowknife, February 13-14, 2009.  He accompanied the famous YK folk group with guitar, mandolin and bouzouki.

Atlin Music Festival:  Steve accompanied the Gumboots at this BC festival, July 11-13, 2008

Yellowknife Storytelling Festival:  May 30-June 1, 2008; Steve performed 30 minute traditional Irish story

Literacy Week:  Squatterz Books and Curiosities in Yellowknife hosted a storytelling and poetry event.  Steve performed at 2p.m.

Dual Album Launches:  Sandy Pringle and Cynthia Russell will be celebrating their CD launches jointly at the Northern Arts and Cultural Centre on June 14, 2007.  Steve was involved with both of their recordings and had worked with Cynthia in the past.

3rd Annual Yellowknife Storytelling Festival: May 31 - June 2; Steve performed a concert set at this year's festival, Friday, June 1.

Sandy Pringle CD:  March & April, 2007, Steve was in the studio adding instrumental tracks on Sandy Pringle's soon to be released debut CD. 

To contact Steve, email


 or write

Steve Goff, 4505 Schooldraw Ave, Yellowknife, NT, X1A 2K3, Canada 

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