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 Ceilidh Friends - Photo Gallery


Ceilidh Friends is one of the longest performing groups in Yellowknife.  Our performances span more than 20 years.

Browse though a sampling of our

~ Promo Photos ~ EXPO 2005 performances ~ Japan sightseeing pictures ~

~ Performances of 2006 to the present ~ Performances from 2001-2005 ~ Performances from 1991-2000 ~


Promo Photos

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Ceilidh Friends in Japan

(except where indicated, EXPO performance pics are by Caitlin Lacey)

Sightseeing in Japan







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To contact Ceilidh Friends, email ceilidh_friends@hotmail.com or write to

Ceilidh Friends, 4505 Schooldraw Avenue, Yellowknife, NT, X1A 2K3, Canada