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 Ceilidh Friends Memorable Moments

1993 Morningside with Gzowsky

Ceilidh Friends entered the households of people across the country when they were interviewed by the late Peter Gzowski on his popular CBC morning show Morningside.

1994 Royal Visit

When the Queen of England visited Yellowknife in 1994, Ceilidh Friends were invited to join several other local groups and individuals for the entertainment organized in her honour.

1999 Concert with Tom Jackson

This was not the first time we performed with Canada's renowned First Nations actor and singer.  We met him when we performed in the Midway Lake Music Festival near Inuvik in 1993.  When the Salvation Army invited us to be part of their fundraising concert to raise money for homeless people, we were pleased to know we would have the chance to see him again.  Tom Jackson often performs these types of benefit concerts - it's a cause he supports.

Folk Alliance Conferences:  

Travelling out of the Northwest Territories for the first time as a group, Ceilidh Friends participated in the 1997 Folk Alliance Conference in Toronto.  They performed several promotional concerts, and met and jammed with other visiting performers.  The highlight of the trip was meeting and chatting with Pete Seeger in the conference Exhibition Hall - Pete admired our big map of Canada with a huge arrow pointing the way to Yellowknife.  2001 Vancouver Folk Alliance Conference:  Heading out west this time, Ceilidh Friends participated in the Folk Alliance Conference in Vancouver.  The group and Steve Lacey and Moira Cameron each performed concerts in the hotel.








Leaving Yellowknife on June 19, 2005, Ceilidh Friends embarked on an unforgettable experience.  The group was selected to represent the North at EXPO2005 in Aichi, Japan.  An organization called OYE!Canada, contracted by Heritage Canada to provide entertainers for Canada's cultural component of their pavilion at EXPO, booked us in to perform almost every day between June 21st and July 3rd.  None of us had ever traveled to Japan before, so we were all understandably excited.  We brought along Steve and Dawn's daughter, Caitlin Lacey, as our official photographer and archivist; we wanted to make sure we catalogued our experiences as fully as possible.  We all ended up bringing one or more cameras, including video and DVD cameras to record some of our performances.  For a sampling of some of our favourite photos, click here:  Ceilidh Friends in Japan, Sightseeing in Japan.  Steve Goff, Caitlin Lacey and Moira Cameron all wrote and submitted articles to our local media.  The articles covered different aspects of our EXPO/Japan experience.  To read more, click here.  Moira Cameron has put together a special newsletter highlighting the group's trip to Japan.  It is in PDF format.  Click here to download a copy of your own:  Raven's Report





2009 Steve Goff Remembered

Ceilidh Friends suffered a terrible blow when one of its members, Stephen Goff, died suddenly of a heart attack.  He had just performed a concert at the Old Town Ramble and Ride earlier in the day on August 1st.  The group organized a musical celebration of his life to honour his passing.  To read more about his last day, visit his CeltArctic Site or read his OBIT.













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