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Recordings:  Habits of a Lifetime

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After producing two albums with Ceilidh Friends, Steve decided to apply for a Northwest Territories Arts Council Grant to make a recording of his own.

In January 2000, Steve’s solo recording, "Habits of a Lifetime," was released.  It contains seven of Steve's own songs and five others.  Guest musicians include the other members of Ceilidh Friends and more of Yellowknife's finest. Critical comments about the recording include: "a fine singer, a capable songwriter, and an excellent guitarist" (Victory Review, Seattle, July 2000), and "guitar playing and  musical composition are his strengths...you might want to make a habit of 'Habits of a Lifetime'" (Rambles website, July 21, 2000).

.Tracks:  (Note - click on the highlighted tracks to hear an MP3 version.)

  1. Don't Think Twice (B. Dylan)

  2. He (S. Lacey)

  3. The Jeannie C (S. Rogers)

  4. Death at Giant Mine (S. Lacey)

  5. Coffee is Just Fine (T. Thievin)

  6. Soldiers Joy / Devil's Dream (Trad.)

  7. Yellowknife Evening (S. Lacey)

  8. Song for Dawn (S. Lacey)

  9. I Shall Not Care (S. Lacey)

  10. Lament for Owen Christy (J. Stewart) / Irish Settler's Lament (Trad.)

  11. The Greens (S. Lacey/G. Larson)

  12. Habits of a Lifetime (S. Lacey)


Recordings:  Musical Contributions

2012 North + : Scooters, Cell Phones and Winter Hearts (compilation CD produced by BHP Billiton EKATI Diamond Mine) various One Track: "Talkin' On My Cell Phone"
2007 Sands of the Shore

Moira Cameron

guitar accompaniment, vocal harmonies

2006 Welcome to Yellowknife: A Compilation of Yellowknife Artists - Volume One (produced by GODSON) various One Track: "Yellowknife Evening"
2006 Beaches to Barrens Steve Smith vocal harmonies (as part of the 'Stevedores')
2005 My Violin & I Chic Callas guitar accompaniment
2005 A Season's Circle Dawn Lacey guitar accompaniment, vocal harmonies, photography
1999 The Last Campfire Ron Kent vocal harmonies
1997 Lilies Among the Bushes

Moira Cameron

guitar accompaniment, vocal harmonies

1991 One Evening as I Rambled Moira Cameron guitar accompaniment, vocal harmonies



For booking or album orders, email Steve at masked@theedge.ca