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If you are interested in seeing me perform, check out the upcoming events section.  If you would like to bring me to your area to perform, email me at celtarctic@yk.com.  Travel from Yellowknife is expensive, so I try to get as many gigs in an area as possible to make it worth my while.  I particularly like doing House Concerts, but also enjoy performing instructional workshops, and concert sets at coffee houses, clubs, and festivals.



2014 June 12, July 10, 17, 25, Aug 17:  Narwal Northern Adventures presents Voyageur Canoe Dinner Theatre events throughout the summer, featuring an excellent line up of performers, including Moira Cameron, actors, painters, and more.  Reservations required: Call 867-873-6443 or visit their website for more info.

2014 May:  I participated in a special House Concert with Ceilidh Friends celebrating Saskatchewan ballad singer and musician, Paddy Tutty.  Earlier the same month, I submitted a review of her latest CD to the Canadian Society for Traditional Music.



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  • 2013:  August - Floating Dinner Theatre, Yellowknife - A local canoe rental and tour company, Narwal Adventure Northern Tours, organized an evening of theatre and music on a Voyageur theme.  I was asked to sing at the last minute when another musician cancelled.  I was in one canoe of two freighter canoes filled with tourists.  Each boat had a fiddler from the Aurora Fiddlers group. I sang my one song, but also ended up throwing a few sea shanties in for good measure as we paddled.   April/May - Ontario Tour - Northern Scene Festival - I was invited down to Ottawa to participate in the Northern  Scene festival organized hosted by the National Arts Centre Orchestra.  I was one of 200 Northern performers selected from the Yukon, NWT and Nunavut for the largest contingent of Northern artists gathering in one place in the South.  It was a great honour to be asked to participate.  I coincided this performance with other gigs in Ontario.  National Arts Centre, April 30 - I joined several other NWT Storytellers for a concert as part of the Northern Scene festival.  National Arts Centre Orchestra student matinees, May 1 & 2 - I performed 4 matinees with the Orchestra.  I had a wonderful time jamming backstage with Nunavut accordionist Simeone KeenainikOttawa House Concert - On May 3rd, I performed an hour and a half house concert hosted by Paul & Kathie Kompass in Ottawa.  Toronto House Concert - On May 9th, I performed a house concert after a potluck dinner hosted by Lorne & Jean Brown in Toronto.  1001 Friday Nights of Storytelling - On May 10, I was invited to give a special guest performance.

  • 2012:  March - Fundraising House Concert - I did a special fundraising house concert on the 10th to raise money for the Yellowknife Women's Society in honour of International Women's Day.  See the House Concert page for details.  June - Garden Parties - The city of Yellowknife hosted the first of a series of Garden Parties in the park overlooking Frame Lake.  On June 5th I performed a combination of stories, recitations and songs.  8th Annual Yellowknife Storytelling festival - I performed along with Dawn Lacey, children's author Michael Kusugak, Pat Braden, Jim Green and Scott McQueen.  I told the story of my Ballad Pilgrimage - my pursuit of knowledge and history of Child Ballad #155, "The Jew's Daughter", which led me to Lincoln, England last summer (to read more about my "Pilgrimage", read the article I submitted to the Canadian Society for Traditional Music - here.)  August - YouTube Music Videos - I have uploaded three videos to YouTube.  The were filmed and produced by Oscar Aguirre in Yellowknife this summer.  You can download or see them by following the links provided on my Recordings page.  October - National Arts Centre Orchestra came up North from Ottawa, stopping in Iqaluit, Yellowknife and Whitehorse.  When they were in Yellowknife, they asked me to sing a song in a special Student Matinee which included performance by the Weledeh Fiddlers and me representing 'seasons' to coincide with the Orchestra's performance of selections of Vivaldi's Four Seasons.  It was a thrilling opportunity.  I performed a song I wrote commemorating winter Solstice from the perspective of Northerners called "Celebrate the Sun's Return" (based on the hymn "See Amidst the Winter Snow.")

  • 2011:  May - Storytellers of Canada conference / Yellowknife Storytelling festival, Yellowknife hosted this year's annual conference for SC/CC at the Northern Arts and Cultural Centre.  The conference coincided with the annual storytelling festival.  I ended my long sabbatical from singing by performing two sets along with several other local and Northern performers. I performed a 30 minute concert of 5 versions of the Cruel Mother ballad.  To find out more about this concert, read the article I wrote for the Canadian Society for Traditional Music - hereSeptember - Arlene Hache Campaign - Dawn Lacey and I were asked to perform at a coffee house event hosted by the campaign to elect Arlene Hache.  They sang a variety of political songs and lead the audience in a few fun chorus songs.



  • 2010:  March - International Women's Day and the NWT Wise Woman Awards - Dawn Lacey and I were asked to perform a short set in honour of this year's Wise Women Awards ceremony organized by the NWT Status of Women Council.  The ceremony took place at the Legislative Assembly.  February - Heritage Week, Yellowknife - hosted by the museum, a variety of performers shared songs, stories, poetry and more.  I performed with Dawn Lacey.   January - Robbie Burns Celebration, Hay River - I was hired, along with BC storyteller, Mary Gavan, to perform at a special Robbie Burns celebration in Hay River, Northwest Territories.  This was my first formal concert since the loss of my husband 6 months ago.  I performed a 30 minute set of Scottish ballads and recitations.

  • 2009:  December - December 6th Vigil - I was asked to share a song at this year's vigil held at the Salvation Army in Yellowknife.  I performed the Wyrd Sisters' composition "This Memory".  August - Steve Goff and I was scheduled to perform at the Rambles and Ride festival in Old Town, Yellowknife.  Steve performed his concert on Saturday August 1, and then a few hours later, he died of a heart attack.  All performing engagements I had following this were cancelled.  Ceilidh Friends performed some songs in his memory at a Celebration of Life ceremony in Yellowknife later in the month.  For more information about Steve's last day, see the article I wrote here.  To read the local newspaper article written about Steve, click hereJuly - Storytellers of Canada annual conference, Victoria, BC - I attended the SC-CC Conference in the capacity of the organization's treasurer.  While there, I participated in informal performing amongst the several tellers from across the country who attended.  June - Book Launch - Steve Goff and I were asked to provide entertainment for the celebration of a book launch of Cathy Jewison.  The launch took place at the Northern Frontier Visitor's Centre;  Yellowknife Sings - a marathon of performing artists showcased at the Northern Arts and Cultural Centre, I performed following the NWT Pipe Band - a challenge to be sure!  May - Yellowknife Storytelling Festival - I was asked to perform again for this 5th annual storytelling festival.  This year, in an attempt to be different from previous years' performances, I focused one of my sets on "Gallows" ballads - stories about capital punishment.  My second set was a theme of ravens, including that monumental recitation by Edgar Allen Poe.  March - International Women's Day - Yellowknife's Fuego's Restaurant hosted a celebration of women performers.  Proceeds from the event went to the Women's Shelter.  Moira and Dawn Lacey were emcees; Radio Taiga with host, Oscar Aguirre - I was featured in several lengthy interviews on Yellowknife's French radio station, talking about ballads and ballad singing.

  • 2008:  December - Anniversary of the UN Declaration of Human Rights - I was asked to perform for 20 minutes at this quiet celebration hosted by the Public Service Alliance Canada.  It was a chance for me to share some of my favourite political songs, all of which fit in perfectly with the them of Human Rights.  The set went over well even though it was a small crowd.  I managed to get everyone singing along in my final number: "Your Daughters and Your Sons" by Tom Sands; December 6th Vigil - I was asked to perform a couple of songs in honour of the Vigil event organized by the Status of Women Council.  July - Storytellers of Canada annual Conference in Saskatoon - I have now become the new Treasurer for the Storytellers of Canada / Conteur du Canada.  May -Yellowknife Storytelling Festival - performed 30 minute ballad set.  March -  World Storytelling Day - I hosted the event, sponsored by Squatterz Books; Arctic Winter Games reception  - I was invited to perform 2 hours of instrumental music as part of the welcoming ceremonies for Arctic Winter Games athletes.  I asked Dawn Lacey to accompany me;  International Women's Day Concert - I organized and performed at the 17th Annual International Women's Day Concert at Northern United Place to raise awareness and funds for the Yellowknife Women's Society; CBC North Television - I appeared with Dawn Lacey performing Bread and Roses in honour of International Women's Day.

  • 2007:  They Gave Me A Chance CD - Storyteller, poet and photographer, Rene Fumoleau worked with Yellowknife musician Bill Gilday to record an album of stories for the national organization, Storytellers of Canada.  Bill asked me for feedback on the recording before completing the project.  December - Sands of the Shore CD Launch -  using the Sir John Franklin High school foyer (in front of the Northern Arts and Cultural Centre), I performed a concert celebrating the release of my 3rd album.  November -  Remembrance Day Commemoration -Sissons School in Yellowknife asked me to share my composition, "Northern Remembrance", as part of the school's regular commemoration; Storytelling Cafe, T.A.L.E.S - at Rosie's Cafe in Edmonton, AB, I joined a group of local storytellers as a special guest, sharing ballads and stories.  Canadian Society for Musical Traditions Annual Conference - at the University of Alberta, I participated at the conference and shared a panel discussion on singing ballads in the modern world.  September -  Amazing Sundays - celebrating International Music Day, I joined forces with Steve Lacey singing original material; Festival of the Midnight Sun - I participated as a performer and as an artisan - I performed a newly learned political satire song by David Rovics, and as BottleArt Creations I displayed and sold wares.  The craft sale portion was a fundraiser for the Centre for Northern Families.  August -  Storytelling at Family Day - The Yellowknife Women's Society / Centre for Northern Families sponsored this event asking me to do some stories, which went over well with the young audience; Storytelling at Squatterz - I joined other Yellowknife tellers at an open stage.  It was, coincidentally, the day before the anniversary of the bombing of Hiroshima.  I performed something in honour of that day.  June -  Map of the World CD - Sandy Pringle asked me to be involved with several tracks on her recording; Yellowknife Storytelling Festival - I was back to perform workshops and an evening concert.

  • 2006:  August - South Slave Friendship Festival I went down to perform at the Friendship Festival in Fort Smith.  I performed two concert sets, one at the Legion.  The other set was supposed to be in the park, but sadly, weather conditions forced all the entertainment indoors; Festival of the Midnight Sun - Steve Goff and I performed a rare duo concert (the Lacey's were away) at Northern United Place.  July - Atlin Music Festival - I headed south with Ceilidh Friends to Atlin, BC this summer.  Dawn Lacey and I performed a workshop set on Women's songs; Medieval Wedding - Steve Goff and I performed as medieval minstrels at a local wedding.  June - Yellowknife Storytelling Festival - this year, I shared traditional stories.  I don't get too much opportunity to tell stories, mostly because they take up too much time to perform.  I performed a workshop, "Stories for the Soul", focusing on how stories have nurtured my spiritual growth. March - International Women's Day Concert - for the past 15 years, I have organized a variety show of outstanding women's performing talent in honour of International Women's Day.  This year's concert was particularly successful in the diversity department.  There were dancers from three different countries, poetry, storytelling, and musicians encompassing World music, contemporary singer/songwriters, labour & political songs, classical & Broadway; and let's not forget the brass band; Squatterz Books - I led in a storytelling event commemorating World Storytelling Day.  January - Masonic Lodge banquet - Dawn Lacey and I performed a concert together performing material we hadn't performed together before. 



  • 2005:  A Season's Circle - Dawn Lacey asked me to join in on her musical DVD. My Violin and I - I participated on the debut recording of Chic Callas, a fellow Yellowknife musician.  June-July - EXPO 2005 in Japan - as part of the group, Ceilidh Friends, I attended and performed at the EXPO for two weeks.  The gig was an excellent opportunity for each of us to connect with musicians from countries around the world.  May - Yellowknife Storytelling Festival - The first festival of stories in the NWT, hosted by the Northern Arts and Cultural Centre.  I was reunited on stage with Toronto teller, Dan Yashinsky.  I performed in the evening concert, and also presented my workshop on ballad singing.

  • 2004:  July - Kodaly Summer Program Concert, Calgary - The University of Calgary music program invited me to perform a workshop and concert on ballads and ballad singing.  While in Calgary, I participated in a local song circle.   March - Mary's Tea Room - Dawn Lacey and I return to sing songs relating to International Women's Day.

  • 2003:  October-November - Canadian Society for Traditional Music Conference, Athabasca, Alberta - I was invited as a Special Guest, along with Saskatchewan's Paddy Tutty, with whom I have performed many times.  We did workshops together and shared an evening concert of ballads.   May - Benefit Concert for Victims in Iraq - As part of a protest against war activities in Iraq, several Yellowknifers gathered to sing and learn about the issues.  I sang a solo set, as well as a group performance with Ceilidh Friends; Mary's Tea Room - Dawn and I return to sing Mother's Day songs (with a twist).  March - Mary's Tea Room - Dawn Lacey and I return to sing songs relating to International Women's Day.

  • 2002:  August - Mary's Tea Room - Dawn Lacey and I return to celebrate the Queen Mum's Birthday.  June - Yukon Storytelling Festival, Whitehorse - I returned to this wonderful festival to perform ballads and stories.  March - Hay River Museum - I flew down to Hay River to perform a concert as part of a function sponsored by the Hay River museum.

  • 2001:  July - Fairhaven Senior's Home - I performed a short donated concert for the residents in Peterborough on my way to other gigs in Ontario and Quebec; Northern Lights Festival Boreal, Sudbury - After seeing me perform at the Folk Alliance conference earlier in the year, I was invited to participate in the Sudbury festival; Storytellers of Canada Conference, Lennoxville, Quebec - I was invited by the national storytelling organization to present a workshop on ballad singing for delegates from across the country.   March - Mary's Tea Room - Dawn Lacey and I performed sets honouring International Women's Day.  February - Folk Alliance Conference - Ceilidh Friends registered for the conference in Vancouver.  We performed a concert in our hotel room, as did Steve Lacey and I.  For my concert, I connected with ballad singers Margaret McArthur from Vermont and Paddy Tutty from Saskatoon to share a ballad swap with me.  It was a thrill to perform with these two amazing balladeers and dulcimer players.

  • 2000:  August - Mary's Tea Room - I performed for a couple of hours with my husband, Steve Goff in a celebration of the Queen Mother's birthday.  May - House Concert in Edmonton - Hosted by Jennie Frost and sponsored by T.A.L.E.S., I performed a concert of ballads and songs, some of them from the North.



  • 1999:  The Last Campfire - I was asked to sing in a chorus of a song on Yellowknife's Ron Kent's album. December - Celebrity Auction - a fundraiser for the NWT Council for the Disabled. I helped by donating my CDs for auction.  July - Folk On the Rocks Festival - I performed workshops and entre-acts alongside Peterborough's Ken Ramsden; Festival of the Midnight Sun - celebrating the beauty of a northern summer with music, I participated by sharing some of my favourite upbeat numbers. February - Fairhaven Senior's Home - I performed a concert for the residents, including my grandparents; 1001 Friday Nights of Storytelling, Toronto - as a prelude to the Toronto Storytelling Festival, I was invited to perform a couple of northern ballads; Toronto Storytelling Festival - I was hired to perform stories and ballads at the festival.  It was good to see the friends and tellers I grew up with.  Acoustic Harvest, Toronto - While in Ontario for other gigs, I performed a feature concert at this club in the east end of the city. 

  • 1998:  July - Folk On the Rocks Festival - I performed an Appalachian Dulcimer workshop with Rick Scott June - NWT Aurora Awards - I was nominated for and one an awards for "Outstanding Individual Musical Performance".  April - CD Launch House Concert - I celebrated the release of Lilies Among the Bushes.  March - International Women's Day Concert - I organized, but didn't perform in this year.

  • 1997: Dance Among the Stars - I was invited to sing harmonies on this CD, recorded by Fort Smith's Tom Hudson.   April - Canadian Composer's Concert - I was among an impressive list of local performers, all showcasing their own compositions.  I performed a set, as did Steve Lacey and Ceilidh Friends.   March - CD Launch House Concert - I performed a house concert to celebrate the release of my second album; International Women's Day Concert - I organized this annual variety concert, raising money for the Yellowknife Women's Society.

  • 1996:  December - Ten Songs of Christmas - I participated in a fundraising CD for the Association for Community Living in Yellowknife. I recorded one song.  Ceilidh Friends recorded another.  August - A Time For Unity fundraiser - The Old Town Pub sponsored this variety show fundraiser for the Yellowknife Women's Society.  July - Folk on the Rocks Festival - I performed a Celtic workshop with Rawlins Cross, and an unusual instruments workshop with Ian Tamblyn and Buffy Sainte Marie.  I also performed a mainstage concert.  March - International Women's Day Concert - I organized and performed in the concert again this year.

  • 1995:  December - Yellowknife Choral Society concert - I was asked to perform one song: The Cherry Tree Carol.  October - Flying Cloud Folk Club, Toronto - I performed a concert, opening for Enoch Kent and Owen McBrideMay - Brew Pub, Creative Voices fundraiser, Yellowknife - I performed a solo set alongside Steve Lacey.

  • 1994 December - December 6th Vigil - I performed "This Memory" by the Wyrd Sisters again.  October - Fairhaven Senior's home, Peterborough Ontario - I performed a volunteer concert for the residents.  My grandparents were among the listeners; Milligan's Pub, Peterborough Ontario - I was hired to perform two nights.  August -  The Royal Visit - I performed amongst many other northern performers, including Ceilidh Friends, at a BBQ hosted by the City of Yellowknife honouring the visit of Queen Elizabeth and Prince Phillip to Yellowknife; The Great Northern Arts and Music Festival, Inuvik - I travelled north to perform as a solo performer and with Ceilidh Friends to Inuvik.  July - Folk on the Rocks - I performed an instrumental workshop with Iqaluit's Night Sun, and a vocal workshop with Moxy Fruvous.  May - Yellowknife City Market - I performed a set of music while people browsed the market.

  • 1993:  Rambles.net reviewed my first album.  Click here to read it.  December - December 6th Vigil for Montreal Massacre - I performed "This Memory" by Winnipeg's the Wyrd Sisters.  October - Sha-zam, Ptarmigan Ptheatrics - I performed a story - Sody Salaradis in this chrildren's concert.  September - Scouts AGM - I provided entertainment during the AGM; Take Back the Night March - I performed as a duo with Dawn Lacey; I performed a small select set of folksongs for a wedding in Yellowknife.  July - Women's Shelter fundraising BBQ - I volunteered as a solo performer to help the Yellowknife Women's Society; Folk on the Rocks Festival, Yellowknife - I performed solo, with Ceilidh Friends and Solstice Sisters, shared the stage with Oscar Lopez; Festival of the Midnight Sun, Yellowknife - I performed a concert set in the festival; Midway Lake Music Festival, Ft. MacPherson - Located in the Mackenzie River Delta region of the Northwest Territories, this festival featured big names such as actor/singer Tom  Jackson and country star George Fox Ceilidh Friends also performed, and I performed a solo concert set; Yukon International Storytelling Festival - It was a thrill to be invited to perform in this storytelling festival in our sister Territory.  The festival grounds were on the banks of the turquoise coloured Yukon River, encircled by a spectacular mountain range.  I performed alongside Scotland's David Campbell, Ontario's Louis Bird, BC's Kira Van Deusen, and many other talented tellers from the Yukon and Northwest Territories.  May - Yellowknife Choral Society Spring Concert - The Choral Society asked me to perform a set of old songs as part of their annual concert.  The venue was the auditorium of St. Pat's Church, which had lovely acoustics.  I played a mixture of Medieval tunes and folk songs.  April - Festival of the Midnight Sun, Yellowknife - I performed as a solo performer in a party celebrating the sponsors of this festival.  March - International Women's Day, Yellowknife - I organized the concert again in celebration of International Women's Day.  The concert took place on two days at the Northern Arts and Cultural Centre.  I performed a set alongside other local female singers, poets, dancers, musicians, actors, and storytellers.  February - 1001 Friday Nights, Toronto - I was asked to perform two 'guest' slots; one on the 18th, and the second on the 25th.

  • 1992 December - CBC Mackenzie Morning:  taking turns with my husband, Steve Goff, I sang Yuletide songs for the local CBC morning show.  ScienceArt Coffee House - "Sing a Song of Science".  August - Arviat Music Festival - Arviat is a small Inuit hamlet on the coast of Hudson's Bay.  I was asked to participate in their one-stage festival. Other Yellowknife performers who performed at the festival were Steve Goff and Tracy RileyJuly - Folk on the Rocks - Solstice Sisters performed at the festival for the first time.  I also performed as a solo musician and with Ceilidh FriendsJune - Festival of the Midnight Sun - I performed at this week-long festival celebrating the solstice as a member of two groups: Ceilidh Friends and Solstice Sisters;  Mildred Hall School - I was asked to perform stories at their "Cultural Fair"; the NWT Arts Council granted me funding so I could record my first album, "One Evening As I Rambled".  March - International Women's Day is March 8th.  In Yellowknife, we celebrated for a week with a variety of events, including a three hour concert I organized.  The performances spanned all areas of performing arts featuring 20 female local talent.  On March 8, I performed a concert celebrating the launch of my first CD.

  • 1991 July - Folk on the Rocks Music Festival - I performed again at the festival, this time officially.  The highlight for me was performing on stage with Peter Paul Van Camp.  I knew Peter Paul when he performed the Ontario festival circuit when I was a child.  I was a HUGE fan of his back then, and followed him around like a groupie.  Also on the same stage was an old Peterborough friend, Ken Ramsden, "Reverend Ken" as he was known then.

  • 1990 July - Folk on the Rocks Music Festival - My first summer in Yellowknife, I participated in this annual local festival as a volunteer musician.  I shared workshop stages with Ontario's Tip Splinter and Saskatchewan's Paddy Tutty.



  • 1989 February - Toronto Festival of Storytelling - I performed alongside my family and Phyllis Davison

  • 1987 October - Samhain Festival, Toronto Harbourfront - My family group, Mums the Word, a musical and mummers troupe, performed in this Celtic festival.  February - Toronto Festival of Stories - I performed stories,. recitations and ballads with my family at the festival.

  • 1986July - Sudbury Northern Lights Festival Boreal - The Swan and the Wild Goose performed workshop stages and entre acts at the festival.  Our concert was aired on the local CBC radio station.  March - Greenleaf Cafe, Sudbury Ontario - St. Patrick's Day Ceilidh - I performed with Laurie Siscoe in the duo The Swan and the Wild Goose along with my father, Phyllis Davison, and Steve Goff.


  • 1978-1979:  Various Toronto Schools - a group of about 5 children did a tour of the schools, performing folk tales.  Mariposa Folk Festival - I was hired to perform as a storyteller at the festival, alongside other iconic tellers from the States like Brother Blue and the Folktellers.

  • 1976Fiddler's Green Folk Club - I was given an unpaid 15 minute guest set which I shared with my father, Stewart Cameron.  I performed the American murder ballad, "Pretty Polly" while my father accompanied me on the banjo.  I joined him in the choruses of a Canadian folk song, "Harbor LeCou".

  • 1973Fiddler's Green Folk Club - I made an impromptu debut at the age of three when I went on stage during an intermission, grabbed a mic, and sang "Bonny Suzy Clelland", an ancient ballad I heard my father singing around the house.



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