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 Moira Cameron Articles


In recent years, I have written articles and reviews of other people's recordings.  Most have been published in the Canadian Folk Music magazine published by the Canadian Society for Traditional Music.  If you would like to read them, I have PDF versions of them here.


ARTICLES ON BALLAD SINGING:  "Coming Back Through Ballads", "Ballad Pilgrimage"

REVIEWS:  Paddy Tutty CD, Rosaleen Gregory CD, Norman Walker CD, Maura Hagan CD

OTHER ARTICLES:  "Steve's Last Day"





Steve's Last Day

Copyright December 2011Steve performing his last gig (courtesy of Daron Letts, Northern News Services, August 2009)

This is more of a personal story, but I wanted to share it both to honour my late husband and to celebrated what we shared.



Dear Friends and Gentle Hearts Norman Walker,  Dear Friends and Gentle Hearts, 2011. 

Norm is one of Dawn Lacey's brothers.  To find out more about Norm, his music and CDs, click on the picture of his CD to go to his website.








Maura Hagan, Comin Around. Published in "Canadian Folk Music", Vol. 45 #2

This Canadian folk singer has Irish roots.  She lived in Newfoundland for a while, and made a name for herself as a talented vocalist.





Ballad Pilgrimage

Copyright November 2012

I wrote this after taking a holiday to England and visiting Lincoln.  The article links the Child Ballad, Hugh and the Jew's Daughter to the history of Lincoln to my own spiritual feelings regarding ballads.



Coming back through ballads

Copyright January 31, 2012

I wrote this about my performance comeback after a two year sabbatical following the death of my husband, Steve Goff.  I had found it difficult to recapture my desire to sing or perform, but when I planned a concert for the Yellowknife Storytelling Festival, I found myself pulled into the magic and power of ballads again.  The idea was to present 5 versions of the same ballad all in one performance.









Rosaleen Gregory, Serpent's Knee

This CD was a treat.  I've performed with Rosaleen on a few occasions, and she did a wonderful review of one of my own CDs.  Click on the CD image to see her website.








Paddy Tutty, "The Last Holdout" 2013

Paddy is a balladeer from Saskatchewan whose style and repertoire is similar to mine. Click on the image to visit her website.











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Moira's father - Stewart Cameron


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Moira Cameron, 4505 Schooldraw Ave, Yellowknife, NT, X1A 2K3, Canada

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