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 Moira Cameron


Ceilidh Friends Dawn Lacey & Moira Cameron

Moira Cameron & Steve Goff Mums the Word Solstice Sisters

The Swan and the Wild Goose

Over the years, I have performed in many guises - as a solo performer, and as a member of groups, duos and so on.  On this page, I take a moment to honour some of those early musical incarnations, because they are part of who I am as a performer.

Moira Cameron & Steve Goff

1990 - 2009

I met my late husband at a House Ceilidh in Sudbury, Ontario.  Although we came from slightly different musical backgrounds, we found our styles complimented each other.  Steve was a talented guitarist.  He could play a variety of genres, adept at jazz, blues, classical and folk.  He accompanied me on my first CD, One Evening as I Rambled, making his guitar sound lute-like to my recorder playing.  We performed as a duo on several occasions throughout the years.  Our last performance as a duet was a month before his untimely death.  We supplied medieval-like background music for a Yellowknife author's book launch celebration.

~ Playing medieval and early music at a book launch ~

Yellowknife, 2009

~ Providing folk and early music at a Medieval wedding ~

Yellowknife, 2006

~ Steve and Moira at the Festival of the Midnight Sun ~

Yellowknife, 2006

~ Steve and Moira in concert with Ken Ramsden ~

Peterborough, Ontario, 1999

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Mums the Word

1984 - 1987

  After we moved from Toronto to Sudbury, Ontario, my father met musician and storyteller, Phyllis Davison.  They sang as a duo for about a year, and then my parents decided to form a mummer's troupe that also specialized in Celtic folk music.  Mums the Word enacted mummer's plays, ancient English plays linked to pagan celebrations traditionally performed on Solstices and the Equinoxes, at festivals in Sudbury and beyond.

~ Back row (L-R) - Dianne Cameron, Stewart Cameron, Phyllis Davison, Moira Cameron; front row (L-R) Duncan Cameron, Brian Davison ~

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The Swan and the Wild Goose:

1984 - 1986

Moira and Laurie were high school friends in Sudbury.  When Moira discovered Laurie's love of singing, she began teaching her some of the songs she grew up with before moving from Toronto.  Laurie and Moira sang the songs together, sometimes with intricate harmonies inspired by other folk duos like John Roberts and Tony Barrand, the Dransfield brothers, and the Copper family.  They sang during breaks at school, but soon decided to try their luck in a more professional basis.  They performed locally at clubs and festivals like the Northern Lights Festival Boreal and the Summer Celtic festival.


~ Left Photo:  Laurie Siscoe (left) and Moira Cameron as The Swan and the Wild Goose ~

~ Right Photo:  1986 Northern Lights Festival Boreal, Sudbury, Ontario, Canada. Moira and Laurie performing with Stew Cameron backing them up.

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Dawn Lacey and Moira Cameron Duet:

1991 - present

Although we perform regularly together as members of Ceilidh Friends, we frequently ditch our male counterparts and perform as a duo at a variety of Yellowknife events.  We often are asked to provide music for Women's and/or political events.  When we perform together, we usually take turns with individual numbers, but occasionally sing songs together.

~ Providing entertainment at a celebration and fundraiser for the Yellowknife Women's Society ~

October, 2012

~ Dawn and Moira performing at the NWT Legislative Assembly for the annual Status of Women "Bread & Roses" luncheon ~

March 8, 2012

~ Dawn and Moira providing background music at a reception for Arctic Winter Games athletes ~

Yellowknife, March, 2008

~ Providing background music at a reception for Arctic Winter Games athletes

Yellowknife, March, 2008

~ Promotional shots ~

Taken by Caitlin Lacey

~ Promotional shots ~

Taken by Caitlin Lacey

~ Performing at the International Women's Day Concert~

Yellowknife, March 2007 (taken by Caitlin Lacey)

~ Singing at a May Day event ~

Yellowknife, 1999

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Solstice Sisters

1992 - 1994

Through my involvement in Yellowknife with various women's organizations, events and issues, I met many other female singers.  I gathered a number of us together to sing as a group, which we called Solstice Sisters.  Many of the original members had formerly sung in a former women's chorus which had dissolved before I moved to the North.  Solstice Sisters performed at Women's events like International Women's Day, Take Back The Night marches, protests, as well as local festivals like Folk on the Rocks.  After a while, some key members moved away, and busy schedules prevented the group from continuing.

~ Solstice Sisters performing at the Folk on the Rocks Children's Stage ~

Yellowknife, 1992

~ On the mainstage at the Folk on the Rocks - we're joined by Susan Keogh from Baker Lake ~

Yellowknife, 1992

~ On the mainstage at the Folk on the Rocks - we're joined by Inga Hansen from Greenland ~

Yellowknife, 1992

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Moira Cameron, 4505 Schooldraw Ave, Yellowknife, NT, X1A 2K3, Canada

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