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Dawn Lacey


Dawn, the Prairie Poet.  Photo taken by Steve Lacey

Biography, Influences & Contributions



Born Dawn Walker on what is now known as Ghost Town Row in Saskatchewan, Dawn defines herself as a dimensional shifting prairie poet.  Singing has been the connecting thread throughout her life, beginning with church related music, in CGIT (Canadian Girls in Training) and camp counselling in her youth.

As an educator, she found music to be a positive aid in learning but found children to be her best mentors and inspired her in her chosen role as a caregiver.Dawn and Steve (1990's) singing at Christopher Lake, Saskatchewan; photo by Caitlin Lacey

Steve & Dawn (1972); photo by Dorothy Lacey

Dawn met her future husband Steve Lacey at a coffee house in the late sixties when they both had “Suzanne” on their set list.  Having more than Leonard Cohen in common, they were both English majors in university.  They were engaged with a Raffi guitar instead of rings.  Dawn switched her study program to early childhood when she was expecting her first child. 


Caitlin and Adrian Lacey, Regina, Saskatchewan (1976); photo by Steve Lacey

Dawn was one of the first members of the Regina Folk Guild.

Family photo, taken in Winnipeg (1979) by Cyril LaceyWhile in Saskatchewan, the family sang together at local coffee houses, arts council, church and community events, and raucously in the car.

Music was an everyday part of life for the Laceys, whether it was taking in local folk festivals and clubs, or travelling across the country and jamming with friends and family.


Performing at Mary's Tea Room, Yellowknife (Photo by Lucy Pelletier)Yellowknife brought Moira Cameron and Steve Goff into their lives with house ceilidhs and a shared love of music.  Ceilidh Friends was born in 1991.

Dawn and Judith Anderson performing at Mary's Tea Room, Yellowknife (1990s); photo by Lucy PelletierIn addition to performing with Ceilidh Friends, she has performed with Judith Anderson, a northern writer of many years, in poetry and song, as well as with Moira Cameron and with “Solstice Sisters.”

Dawn became a songbird at the Aven Centre and at Extendicare in Yellowknife with Esther Braden and Theresa Crane, where they bring music to residents and seniors.

She sings ….

on occasion by herself

            as a duo with Steve Lacey or with Moira Cameron

                        as a trio with the songbirds

                                    as a foursome with Ceilidh Friends

                                                as a fivesome with her family for fun.

Her first solo work, an autobiographical DVD entitled “A Season’s Circle” is now available.




Inspiration came first from live music – lullabies from both my parents, my Aunt Gladys who loved to sing, family sing-songs around the piano at the Schobert farm, Jean Patterson who taught me to play guitar.

  • I first heard Buffy Ste Marie when I was twelve, and she was the first recorded artist who truly made an impression on me.

  • In the folk revival of the 50s and 60s, I loved the music of Joan Baez, Judy Collins, Joni Mitchell andNorman Walker; Photo by Tom Rawson Pete Seeger.

  • My brother and I performed music together at small town gatherings and today I am still Norman Walker’s biggest fan.

  • Paddy Tutty; photo courtesy of Paddy's WebsiteFriends Paddy Tutty and Moira Cameron have made traditional music live for me and introduced me to the music of many strong traditional singers like Frankie Armstrong. 

  • Connie Kaldor’s music has always uplifted me for its humour and prairie content.

  • British group Artisan has also been a huge inspiration combining tradition, poetry and a capella music.



In addition to her own recording / DVD and those of the group Ceilidh Friends, Dawn has participated in the recordings of other musicians.

2007 Sands of the Shore

Moira Cameron

vocal harmonies

1999 The Last Campfire Ron Kent vocal harmonies
1997 Lilies Among the Bushes

Moira Cameron

vocal harmonies

1991 One Evening as I Rambled Moira Cameron vocal harmonies



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