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Steve Lacey

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Dawn Lacey:
Photo Gallery

Taken by Steve Lacey (1986)

"The Three Faces of Dawn"

Maiden Face

Mother Face

Crone Face


Three pictures of my early years.

Dawn singing with sisters (late 1950s)  Dawn practicing (1970s)

First solo secular performance (1960s)

Pictures of me and my children.

Caitlin age 1 (1974)  Adrian's christening (1976)

Bryan age 1 (1985)  Whole family, Fall in Yellowknife; photo by Lorne Gushue

Pictures from the last decade.

Taken by Steve Goff (1990s)  Taking it easy in the Snowking's Castle, Yellowknife; taken by Steve Goff

A reflective moment; taken by Steve Goff




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